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gutted that we won’t be celebrating our independence anytime soon, like sure at least the fact that the yes campaign still ended up w 45% of the final votes highlights just how much we want a change for the better for everyone, how much we clearly want to make our own decisions wrt how our country goes about its business and i’m looking forward to seeing just how positive that change still has the potential to be BUT that being said, i’m not going to hold my breath. i can’t say i trust the majority of politicians promising that the future looks brighter for the working class and seeing will truly be believing whether they bother following up on issues that raised important questions for both parties in this debate, it’s all well and good saying they’ll do so when it works for them but whether changes actually happen now that the votes have been counted is another matter entirely

so if you’ll excuse my sleep deprived and disappointed state: right now it just feels like we’ve bottled it and been too scared to take the leap, personally. i honestly believe we could have did it, man. we had the chance to take entire charge of our nations future but decided against it, and what a fucking shame that is. let’s not allow this to be the end of self-awareness, generation yes can still make a change and the fact that so many people are united in our opinions of what needs fixing for the benefits of every single individual in this country is an exciting prospect for the future, and sure i’m remaining hopeful, but. still a bit gutted at the moment, am no gonae lie

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 ”And you’re going to go to hell, because of the life you took. You’re fucked.”

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c’mon glasgow

make me proud

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"It baffles me as to why [people] should feel that voting against the Westminster status quo is an act of class betrayal. People who marched for CND in the 1980s are now telling me I am wrong to support a decision that may force the UK to give up its nuclear weapons.

[…] Pro-independence initiatives such as Common Weal, National Collective and the Radical Independence Campaign have invigorated the electorate in Scotland, pitching ideas for a fairer society with different priorities to those most commonly found at Westminster. The audiences that come to their events are not nationalists in the Nigel Farage sense, fulminating against immigrants while complaining that they’re not allowed to be Scottish any more.

They are people who are no longer comfortable with the direction that Britain is travelling in; with the extremes of poverty and wealth that go unchallenged; with the dominance of the privately educated in positions of political and economic power; with the undercurrent of xenophobia that animates the Conservative party; with a Labour party that has too few MPs from working-class backgrounds.

The people of Scotland are able to address these issues via the referendum because they have a devolved parliament elected by proportional representation, something that the English have so far been denied. Scottish independence could put devolution for England on the agenda.

Rather than dismissing the yes campaign as an insular expression of base nationalism, might it make more sense for the English left to help the Scots make the break that will force reform on the centralised British constitution?"

Scottish nationalism and British nationalism aren’t the same | Billy Bragg

All you so-called comrades who are spitting the dummy out about the independence referendum, read this whole article and shut up.

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If you haven’t seen this segment yet, find it, watch it, be at peace.

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"Only the truth is revolutionary."

La Sorbonne, Paris, Mai 1968

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Rather Be (feat. Jess Glynne)

Clean Bandit - New Eyes

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We staked out on a mission to find our inner peace

Make it everlasting so nothing’s incomplete

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"Dressing up is like masturbation, I do it for myself and if it turns you on, that’s fine, but this is for me and you’re not invited."

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JK Rowling and Scottish Independence

Newscaster: Harry Potter author, JK Rowling, wants Scotland to stay part of the UK. Rowling had donated 1.6 million dollars to the "Better Together" campaign.
John Oliver: Yeah, but that's not really a surprise, is it? She famously wrote a book where a red-head played second fiddle to a magical Englishman. "Come along, Ron, come along. I shall have all the powers and your brothers can die fighting my wars! Come along, come along."
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