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You don’t look happy.

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"Have you ever heard a girl say she’s in the friend zone? It’s a thing I think men need to be really careful about using. Do I think men and women can be friends? Yes, absolutely. Do I think men and women who are sexually attracted to each other can just be friends? Eh, it will probably become an issue at some point whether you deal with it, and talk about it and just move on, but it will always sort of get dealt with eventually. I definitely think the idea of friend zone is just men going, ‘This woman won’t have sex with me.’"

— Daniel Radcliffe. (via neuers)
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Alcohol vs marijuana

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quidditch teams by dolle

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This is a glass “murrine” made by artist Loren Stump.

Each color in the piece was carefully layered to create this “loaf” which was then sliced. Each slice sold for $5000.

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"If the full moon loves you, why worry about the stars."

— Tunisian Proverb (via babestay)
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19th Century Library Filled by 350 000 Books

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comic book meme an arc you’d like to see on the big screen
↳ for anonymous

Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye

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Neville as eventual headmaster is very important to me though.

Neville, who thanks to his enduring friendship with Luna sees the vital importance of fostering interhouse relationships, downplays the rivalries between the houses without lessening the importance of intrahouse unity by pushing the Quidditch Cup and House Cup as more friendly competition than all-consuming-must-be-won-enimity and introducing other means of emphasising house pride for those students who are not athletically or academically talented to the point where they feel as though they’re making an important contribution to their house.

Neville, who has so much goodness and kindness in him, having a zero tolerance policy for bullying, by staff or students, and serious punishments set down in official school policy for anyone caught bullying or intimidating a student for any reason.

Neville, who saw first hand just how vital it is, throwing the Ministry-approved DADA curriculum out the window and working with the DADA teacher to build a useful curriculum based on his two most useful years of DADA classes, those being third, under Lupin, and fifth, under Harry.

Neville, who understands how hard it is not to be One Of Those Kids, ruthlessly digging out any elitest groups like the Slug Club and disbanding them.

Neville, who understands that sometimes the teachers don’t choose as wisely as they ought, introducing a democratic system for prefect and Head Boy/Girl selection.

Neville, who knows what it is to be the bottom of the class, making a point of introducing a voluntary tutoring system for students who are in the same position he once found himself in - and making certain that it’s well known that had such a system been in place when he was at Hogwarts, he would certainly have availed of it.

Neville, who is a hero and a marvel and wonderful, brave man, fostering that same bravery and goodness in every one of his students, fighting to help them become the absolute best people they can be regardless of academic talent or world-saving ability.

Neville, who is everything that Albus Dumbledore was not, setting to rights so much of the wrong Dumbledore allowed and sometimes encouraged in Hogwarts.

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The Walking Dead meme: [5/15] relatioships

Rick and Daryl

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I’m crying

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so sick of seeing so called poor people buying iPhones. Ever thought that might be a contributing factor to you being poor. perhaps next time you think spending $800 on a fancy new phone every year is a good idea you buy a house with that money. a thin sliver of a house. a house part. A door. A stack of 8 bathroom tiles. a curtain. Within like 90 years you would have a complete house idiots

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