The Meaning of Duty Part II: An Arthur Pendragon fanmix.

A playlist for being the poster child of a crumbling kingdom. For admitting to having it better than others in some ways. For doing what is expected of you. For having no one to turn to. For taking a stand and jumping in at the deep end. For finding friends who love you for who you are instead of who you should be. For the struggle to find yourself. For having to choose between what is right and what is easy. For sword fights and the chafe of chainmail. For a band of brothers fighting by your side without hesitation. For scars that linger beneath the surface. For cold winters and cruel kings. For betrayals of trust. For being enchanted in more ways than one. For making sacrifices for the ones you love. For doubting your destiny. For the pain of losing a battle. For putting on a brave face. For biting the bullet and asking for advice. For remembering the people that the world has forgotten. For considering the future of your kingdom and the part you’ll play in making it the best it possibly can be.

And above all, for learning the meaning of duty.

Golden Boy // Natalie Merchant
Blame it on the Girls // Mika
Hunting For Witches // Bloc Party
Squealing Pigs // Admiral Fallow
Houdini // Foster The People
Stop Trying // Sia
Mowgli’s Road // Marina & The Diamonds
Some Nights // Fun.
Black Fur // Fredrik
The Battle // Harry Gregson Williams
Knights of Cydonia // Muse
Welcome Home, Son // Radical Face
For the Widows in Paradise, For the Fatherless in Ypsilanti // Sufjan Stevens
Under Your Spell // Desire
How Deep is Your Love // The Rapture
Breath of Life // Florence & The Machine
Kings of Medicine // Placebo
Remember Me As A Time of Day // Explosions in the Sky

hear it // zip it

Consider this one side of a coin with part I on the other. As in you can certainly listen to them separately but they work better when they’re together, arrogance and clumsiness and destiny be damned.

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