Merlin AU: Where Arthur is a businessman who ends up stuck in the cheerful seaside town of Ealdor when his car breaks down on the way home from a conference. Here he meets Merlin, a young man working in his uncle’s sweet shop on the pier who loves his job, but after a lifetime of wistfully listening in on tourist chatter he secretly dreams of travelling to foreign lands and seeing the world for himself. Despite getting off to an awkward start, the pair grow to enjoy each other’s company with Merlin looking forward to hearing Arthurs stories of past business trips, and Arthur finding himself charmed by the quaint town he initially resented while he waits for his car to be repaired so he can continue his journey home.

However after a week of trading insults over pints in the pub garden, morning walks along the beach and Merlin daring Arthur to taste test potential new flavours of rock candy for the shop, Arthur starts dreading his return to the busy city and his bleak office, while Merlin, inspired by Arthur’s work-related globetrotting adventures, seriously considers actually leaving Ealdor for the first time in his life and seeing the world for himself.

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super mega thank you rose for your much appreciated assistance with this, get well soon girl!
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